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99% of domestic violence victims suffer from financial abuse. Some are being controlled – others have no access to money at all. We are addressing this by making gift cards available that bypasses the need for any financial trail.

Gift Card

You can support your local nonprofit by
gifting them a card to be given to a person in need.

Choose a nonprofit to receive a complimentary gift card. We’ll deliver it to them and make sure they know it’s from you.
Your gift will pay it forward as a one year license to the VictimsVoice app.

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What is the VictimsVoice App

Domestic violence victims’ face the burden of remembering specific details of assault during a traumatic incident. This leads to believability issues during reporting, over 80% of cases being dismissed, and a less than 2% prosecution rate for intimate partner sexual assault.

The VictimsVoice App provides a legally admissible mechanism for victims to document abuse incidents in a safe, secure, consistent, complete, and private manner.

VictimsVoice App
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