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Our name speaks to our work: Ending Barriers in Reporting Adversity

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VictimsVoice Partner Program

Cooperative Program for Organizations and Agencies

People in positions of authority are already recommending that victims document everything. Why not provide a tool that can legally be used in court as real evidence?
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Giving Victims A Legal Voice

Collecting enough credible evidence for crimes of domestic violence and stalking is a monumental task, especially when the victim may not be a suitable witness or even an unwilling participant in the case. They are expected to "document everything," but not taught what is relevant or how to store it.

VictimsVoice is a legally admissible documentation tool that is easy for victims to use and ensures they collect the RIGHT evidence in the RIGHT way so investigators can build a better case and prosecutors can more effectively and appropriately hold abusers accountable.

Because legally admissible documentation really doesn't matter... UNTIL IT DOES.

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Education Programs

Webinars and Courses

We believe in creating programs that move you from "Point A" to "Point B" and prompt further discussion.

Our monthly Lunch-N-Learn programs are always free to participate and include actionable resources that you can share with others. Can't make our second tuesday afternoon webinars? No worries - there's always an on-demand version.

For legal professionals, we create CLE (Continuing Legal Education) programs that help you better understand the relationships between sensitive populations and the technology tools that might be available to them, the questions you should ask about those tech tools, and the laws and regulations that govern the space.

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Pledge 1%

Pledge 1%

Corporate Giving Commitment

Pledge 1% Member

We have consistently committed to giving since our inception to ensure no victim that requests a license goes without one. We have supported small grass-roots organizations that are doing great work but lack the capacity and funding to become a Partner Member on their own. We dedicate time and resources to support others doing the hard work fighting to eradicate domestic violence and stalking.

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SeekThenSpeak apps

Seek Then Speak

Sexual Assault Reporting Tool

SEEK THEN SPEAK is a tool for sexual assault survivors and support people.

In SEEK, you can privately gather information and explore your options for medical care, supportive services, and reporting to police.

If you choose, you can even begin the process of reporting to police by completing a self-guided interview in SPEAK.

SEEK THEN SPEAK is brought to you by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) and was built by EBinRA, Inc. through an American Bar Endowment grant, enhanced through MrBallen Foundation grants, and continued support from an OVW grant.

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Technology Evaluation Tool

Interview Questionnaire

Are you thinking about recommending an app or tech tool for vulnerable people?

Let us help you know what to ask when evaluating technology-based tools. We help you with a set of interview questions that ensure you're not forgetting anything or not knowing what to ask - you don't know what you don't know!

Click the globe icon below to access this free tool to interview the technology company, then hit submit. You'll be emailed a scorecard that you can use and share to help you make the right choice.