It’s Time For #MyKidToo

November 13, 2018
Recently I read Monica Hesse's Washington Post article, "Dear dads: Your daughters told me about their assaults. This is why they never told you." and found it extremely insightful. In fact, it made me wonder if we as survivors, we're not hindering our own path to change. Now, before you start getting upset and calling me insensitive, I want you to consider the following. The article explains why so many women never told their dads about the abuse they endured…
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Hard to Believe?

September 5, 2018
With the recent allegations against the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, I have heard repeatedly the question of why she did not come out sooner and tell her story. Doubt, blame, and re-victimization from our own President fuels others to bring into question the validity of accusers. This is not new and, for those who have not experienced sexual abuse, can be difficult to understand. One of my friends recently shared her personal story and it so strongly supported some…
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