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EBinRA, Inc. is a privately owned for-profit social impact company founded in 2018 and currently operates in the US.

We are a catalyst for breaking the cycle of abuse so survivors are able to create a future free from mistreatment with more opportunities for themselves and their families.

We envision a world where every individual is valued equally and treated with respect and dignity.

At the age of 10, Sheri Kurdakul’s daughter built an anti-bullying app for her science fair project. She won the elementary division that year and was invited to speak at a developers’ conference in California.

Fast forward to 2018: Being inspired by her daughter and being a 29-year survivor of domestic abuse, Sheri decided to do what she does best – solve problems. EBinRA (Ending Barriers in Reporting Adversity) was born from a need to empower people of all genders and backgrounds, to be able to take action against those who wrong them through discrimination, harassment, and abuse.

These principals guide every decision we make and include:

  • Trust Is Everything: Protect the privacy and security of every user so they trust us to keep their most dangerous and vulnerable secrets.
  • Strong Ethical Partnerships Matter: Align ourselves with entities and organizations that have strict ethical standards to serve the abused, and value those ethics above profit and publicity.
  • Think Big and Think Different: Develop an innovative, world-class, legal-based documentation platform that serves all regardless of origin, culture, language, identity, and ability.
  • Push For Change: Support system changes with transparency and accountability.
  • A Crew Rows Together: Build a collaborative, strong, healthy organization.
  • Do Great Things: Experiment and develop a responsible and sustainable business model.

We serve clients in all 50 states and partner with organizations, government agencies, and businesses throughout the US. For more information or to reach a member of our crew, visit our CONTACT US page.